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SkullGirls Original Soundtrack

Escrito por: Minoru Kusanagi | Categorías:

SkullGirls Original Soundtrack
Hosting: MEGA
Formato: RAR
Calidad: HQ
Uploader: Minoru Kusanagi

Original Soundtrack



1. Echoes
2. The Legend of the Skull Heart
3. Pedestrians Crossing
4. Pick of the Litter
5. In Rapid Succession
6. Moonlit Melee
7. Whiling the Hours Away
8. Them's Fightin' Words
9. The Fish Man's Dance
10. An Uncertain Fate
11. The Seat of Power
12. Shenanigans and Goings-Ons
13. Paved With Good Intentions
14. Forgotten Moments
15. A Roll of the Dice
16. The Lives We Left Behind
17. Fugue in Three Goddesses
18. Dirge of the Divine Trinity
19. The Catacombs Below
20. Dire Machinations
21. Her True Power Revealed
22. Skull Heart Arrhythmia
23. Daybreak
24. A Return to Normalcy
25. In a Moment's Time
26. Learning One's Craft
27. The Lives We Tried to Reclaim
28. Hitomi No Kioku (Bonus Track)

Matta ne!

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